Medical Industry

With more than 30 years, INNO has built up a lot of experience in various markets and industries.

It will come as no surprise to you: technical equipment used in the medical sector – such as CT and MRI scans – must be 100% reliable. Very high demands are therefore placed on product validation and product release. With the risk that it takes a lot of time before the equipment can be introduced – a serious cost item.

INNO can boast many years of experience in the medical sector. The company is fully aware of the specific requirements that apply there and can therefore meet all technical production conditions without any problems. But just as important: INNO can considerably accelerate the introduction of your product. Time savings in both the design and production phases work directly to your advantage.


MRI patient table

Two know more than one. Certainly in complex design processes, it is recommended to link your own expertise in good time with the know-how of a business partner. This creates co-development that benefits all those involved.

In the Panorama project , a co-developer of the high-field open 1.5T MRI scanner has been found in INNO. INNO was involved in all facets of this extensive process: the design of both concept and design, the manufacture of prototypes and customer models and the start-up of series production. Various sub-projects were carried out independently by INNO, such as the design of the mechanics, the cabling, the EMC shielding and the application of the covers. All in all, a business partnership that accelerated the production of the MRI patient table and thus benefited customer demand.

Face scan

A global supplier of professional dental treatment equipment has recently launched the Galileos Face scan. This is an add-on to an existing X-ray system, whereby a scan of the face is also made during the X-ray image.


For the development of the mechanics of the face scan, INNO and its customer entered a design and production process together. A form of co-development that involved a series of plastic injection molded parts, a number of metal frame parts and a few electronic components. The assignment was to develop a stable construction in a small space to achieve the highest possible patient comfort. INNO has also developed the final customer packaging, so that the products can be sent directly from the INNO factory to the end customers. Far-reaching logistical efficiency.