Series production / logistics integration

The customer to whom you supplied advanced technical equipment years ago may be on your doorstep tomorrow with the request to replace certain components of that product. Although the equipment in question has now been further developed, you will still have to be able to meet that ‘old demand’. After all, the customer is king. In addition, service obligations often apply.

Keeping this ‘line with the past’ puts a heavy burden on your organization. For example, you have to keep stock of spare parts that are no longer common in today’s technologies. This means that you cannot avoid developing a policy around this issue of obsolescence.

Then it is good to know that INNO can provide you with excellent service during this maintenance phase. This can be done in the field of maintenance, for example through advice on component availability problems. But INNO’s support can also relate to practical matters. For example, the production of spare parts for INNO is standard work.


Parking machine

Professional knowledge also means for INNO: knowledge of manufacturing processes . Knowing what is feasible with the existing production equipment, and making technological adjustments if new developments require it. This manufacturability expertise is fully present at INNO. This enables the company to serve its customers in many areas.

This became apparent during the start-up of a new type of parking meter, a project for which client INNO was approached as a manufacturing partner . Even in the design phase, INNO was able to provide support with its knowledge of the manufacturing processes. This made it possible to make improvements in the design and in manufacturability, so that the first test series could soon be established. The housing of the parking meter was also made suitable for laser welding, an important step in the efficiency improvement.