With more than 30 years, INNO has built up a lot of experience in various markets and industries.

Medical industry

It will come as no surprise to you: technical equipment used in the medical sector – such as CT and MRI scans – must be 100% reliable. Very high demands are therefore placed on product validation and product release. With the risk that it takes a lot of time before the equipment can be introduced – a serious cost item.

INNO can boast many years of experience in the medical sector. The company is fully aware of the specific requirements that apply there and can therefore meet all technical production conditions without any problems. But just as important: INNO can considerably accelerate the introduction of your product. Time savings in both the design and production phases work directly to your advantage.

Food industry

Technical equipment for the production of foodstuffs must comply with strict regulations, for example in the field of hygiene. For example, there may not be any (taste) influence between the machine and the nutrients to be processed. For this reason, (ground) stainless steel is often used, without welding discolouration occurring. It is also important that the equipment has a user-friendly construction.

INNO is fully aware of the requirements that apply in the food industry. You as a client reap the benefits. Whether it concerns the application of machine cladding (including hinges and locks), the manufacture of assembly assemblies or the production of covers – INNO always knows how to propose solutions that meet your wishes. A quality that is due to many years of experience.

Mechanical engineering

Machines, in all shapes and sizes, are present in our daily lives, ranging from a conveyor belt to a parking meter. And all those machines contain parts that must be professionally manufactured and carefully assembled. At INNO we know that production process like no other. No wonder that so many clients in the mechanical engineering market have found the Eindhoven company.

Often already in the design phase, INNO can support production because INNO employees are familiar with all manufacturing processes. Time and again, this leads to successes that catch the eye, regardless of the type of machine involved (parking machine, tobacco-making machine), and regardless of the types of operations that need to be carried out, such as applying covers or assembling parts.

Electrical industry

INNO is originally a sheet metal company. That is where the origin lies. And INNO would like to keep it that way – the shoemaker who sticks to his last. However contradictory it may seem: precisely because of this clear choice for its own profession, INNO can be of great significance for markets with a different core business , such as the electrical engineering industry.

Electronic wiring requires suitable housings. These can be EMC housings, but also PLC housings or 19-inch housings. INNO can design and manufacture these types of parts for electrical machines without any problem. Years of experience in this market sector guarantee this.