MRI Patient table

ompetencies: Product Development, Product Design, Industrialization & NPI, Value Engineering & Series Production & Logistics Integration.

Two know more than one. Certainly in complex design processes, it is recommended to link your own expertise in good time with the know-how of a business partner. This creates co-development that benefits all those involved.

In the Panorama project , a co-developer of the high-field open 1.5T MRI scanner has been found in INNO. INNO was involved in all facets of this extensive process: the design of both concept and design, the manufacture of prototypes and customer models and the start-up of series production. Various sub-projects were carried out independently by INNO, such as the design of the mechanics, the cabling, the EMC shielding and the application of the covers. All in all, a business partnership that accelerated the production of the MRI patient table and thus benefited customer demand.