Covers for surgery table

A design can look so promising – if it’s not technically feasible, you’re in trouble. INNO wants to stay ahead of that. That is why the company prefers to offer its expertise already in the design phase. With its manufacturability expertise, INNO can assess in a timely manner whether a design is feasible and, if necessary, propose additional measures, for example the development of tools.


INNO has also done this for Maquet. This specialist in furnishing operating rooms turned to INNO for the development of a special orthopedic operating table. INNO used its expertise early on for two parts of this table – the covers of the base and the bottom of the column. The complex shape (product geometry) of the parts required special (bending) tools that were immediately manufactured by INNO. This made it possible to manufacture the various prototypes and test series quickly and at an attractive cost. An ideal preliminary stage to successfully market the operating table.