Machine covers

With projects it is important to have a clear idea of where the realization can best take place, with the client or with a contractor such as INNO. There are often good arguments for the latter: the expertise of employees, appropriate tools and adequate equipment are available on site. That is why INNO offers outsourcing as a solution for some projects: parts of an assignment are outsourced to INNO, where they are carried out by its own employees in their own business premises.

The latter happened when INNO was called in to apply machine covers. The German machine builder for the tobacco industry, among others, established that the application of a complete machine covering, including hinges and locks, was such a specialist operation that transferring the work to the INNO factory was desirable. A wise choice, as it turned out. More than 200 drawing-related manufacturing parts with mostly refined welded parts that were created via critical processes (such as belt grinding) formed the basis for perfectly fitting machine covers.